Only pay online using the “Buy” button.

Never send bank transfers, direct PayPal payments, or cash/cheques in the post. These payment methods are not safe and are against our Terms of Service so they are not protected by PayPal's Buyer Protection policy.

Only sell within Strictlypreme.

To be protected by PayPal's Seller Protection you must only receive payment through our approved payment method. Asking to be paid outside of the site by bank transfer, direct PayPal payment, or cash is not safe and these payments are against our Terms of Service. Users that offer “offsite” payments will be closed.

Only Supreme items, no fakes, no excuses.

The name says it all, only Supreme items should be listed… It’s illegal to sell counterfeit items. There’s no place for fakes or unauthorised copies on Strictlypreme. Any item we consider to be a replica or lacks evidence to confirm its authenticity will be removed. Users who list fake items will be removed from the site.

Don’t give misleading information.

Use accurate descriptions and pictures of the real item— no stock images. This also applies to your personal details; use your real information, and don’t impersonate other people or your profile will be removed.

Keep your contact e-mail updated.

We use email to keep you updated about your sales and purchases, any issues with Strictlypreme and to share cool ideas and thoughts. It’s important that we have your most up-to-date email address so we can contact you when you sell or buy an item, or in case of dispute. Remember, your contact email is not visible to other users, and we will never share it with anyone.

Use your own photos.

Do not borrow, or “liberate” another user’s photos from Strictlypreme, Instagram, eBay, or wherever you may find them. Likewise, do not Google your item and post catalogue or stock images. Only use your own photos.

No spam. Ever. No excuses.

Do not List keywords in item titles that do not directly relate to the item you are selling.

Do not offend, harass, or abuse others.

Please do not use Strictlypreme as an outlet for negativity and abuse against other users or Strictlypreme staff.

This includes:

  • Posting screenshots with negative or accusatory comments.
  • Sending private messages of an aggressive, offensive or harassing nature.
  • Responding to emails from Strictlypreme with aggressive or offensive language.

We have a zero tolerance policy on abuse and harassment so you will be immediately removed from the site if you are offensive. If you experience any harassment, report it immediately and we will investigate it.

Do your best to upload tagged photos.

Tagged photos are photos that show your name on a piece of paper or something unique to you. This helps to show that you really own the item and helps avoid scams from happening.